Utility Redistribution

group_peopleA primary concern among property owners is how to optimally, yet cost-effectively, redistribute master-meter utility costs to their tenants while still abiding by the terms within the leases. Even the most sophisticated owners admit to having left money on the table by not understanding the extent of their billing options.

Using our real estate expertise, we carefully review your portfolio’s leases, evaluate your current method of billing, and present suggestions to improve cash flow and/or increase profitability. Sometimes a simple change to vague or contradictory lease language can have a significant impact on billing revenues. If needed, we can help you craft the language of your leases to make the policies clearer and more aligned with your new redistribution plan.

If individual tenant meters are absent from your property, it’s not the end of the world. Owners have trusted us to provide clear guidance on their submeter installations. If an installation is not in the budget, we have an alternative: our in-house experts can create tenant-specific load studies from space plans to estimate the monthly usage for each tenant. Leveraging our extensive database of tenants’ energy usage, we can also use guidelines from historical data that can provide accurate estimates for an array of tenant use types (i.e., dry, food court, restaurant, etc.). These methods create a scientific billing methodology that is both accurate and defensible.

When you choose Resource Energy Systems for your utility redistribution, we become your billing agent. Our scope of services includes:

  • Compiling and reviewing monthly usage data
  • Calculating each tenant’s monthly use and amount owed
  • Creating a monthly summary for the management team
  • Mailing the invoices, if necessary
  • Providing year-end reconciliation billings and credits where needed
  • Serving as the ongoing point of contact for customer service inquiries and disputes

We take the utility burden completely off your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of your business.