Energy Procurement – Resource Energy Systems is highly knowledgeable in the numerous solutions and opportunities that can not only control, but also significantly reduce, energy costs. Our seasoned professionals are here to provide our customers with industry leading ideas, analytical insights, and solutions that present compelling value propositions for large energy users across the nation.

Utility Redistribution – Our team of experts analyzes utility usage and lease language to determine the appropriate amount of direct and indirect costs permitted within tenants’ leases to be included within their utility charges. We have repeatedly found billing errors with regard to a variety of utilities, resulting in some cases in hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental annual revenue to the property owners.

Demand Response – Requiring no capital investment or operating expense, a Demand Response program creates a supplemental revenue stream for our participating customers. In addition to researching and recommending the most appropriate program for our customers’ properties, we oversee the enrollment, communication, and payment schedule throughout the term of the program.

Tariff Analysis – Our staff of analysts performs a review of a property’s utility bills and ensures that the owner is being billed optimally according to the appropriate tariff components for that particular property.

Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency initiatives require a thorough analysis by a seasoned expert. Whether you’re looking to understand the breakeven scenario for a solar panel installation or seek an hour-by-hour graphical map of your current energy consumption, Resource Energy Systems can provide an independent opinion and analysis.

eSAM Reports – Our proprietary software system allows us to have a multitude of utility tariffs at our fingertips, providing precise utility calculations for redistribution and meaningful estimates for budgeting and forecasting.