Energy Procurement

Energy costs represent one of the largest components of expenses for property owners, and until recently, the public and private sectors accepted it as a “non-managed” expense. However, deregulation in certain markets opened the door to competition and created options for property owners. When these options exist for buying energy within deregulated markets, why should you settle for a fixed off-the-shelf energy product where your costs are at the mercy of the utility’s rates?

Every owner should want to customize an energy procurement product which allows for a certain level of price assurance. At the same time, energy procurement can be a risky business. Market prices change every day, and property owners must carefully consider both the quantity and timeliness of their energy purchases.

Consider these four risk variables:

Budget Risk

The purchasing strategy could result in costs that exceed budget

Market Risk

Future energy prices could decline to levels below
today’s market price

Usage Risk

The volume of energy purchased in advance may exceed actual usage

Term Risk

An unanticipated sale or change in the property could precede the expiration of the term of the contract

Without truly understanding the energy industry, owners can easily make poor buying decisions, resulting in unnecessary energy costs down the road. In order to gain the most benefit from energy procurement, owners should have an expert to guide them through the process.

That’s where we come in. At Resource Energy Systems, we know the energy industry and the best methods for mitigating our customers’ procurement risks. As our customer, you receive our professional direction from the very beginning: we create a customized procurement plan based on the energy consumption patterns and unique characteristics of your property; we assess your risk tolerance profile for utility expense volatility and recommend the appropriate balance between a fixed rate and floating product; we also consider your future ownership plans to ensure that the terms of your purchase agreements are properly aligned with your strategy.

When collecting competitive bids, we at Resource Energy Systems believe in partnering with the best. We only choose highly-recognized, well-established industry leaders in energy supply. When we recommend a supplier, you can be sure that your contract will be quickly and accurately executed without hassles or headaches.

Our commitment does not end there. Even beyond the initial purchase phase, we continue to help you manage your ongoing risk. As your advisor, we constantly monitor the energy market, analyzing current versus historic energy prices as well as industry forecasts for weather and natural gas storage to find the most ideal times to buy.

We will guide you every step
of the way while keeping
your specific business needs
at the forefront.