Energy Efficiency

air_unitsResource Energy Systems can objectively offer invaluable advice on a large variety of energy efficiency initiatives. Many of such initiatives may, in fact, fail to meet reasonable payback period and cost/benefit standards once diligent analysis is made of such offerings.

It requires decades of experience working with real estate operations and energy to be able to evaluate such energy efficiency initiatives in a professional and analytical manner. We have the expertise and experience to do so. Furthermore, where research shows the offering to be a worthwhile one for a particular energy user, we can assist in implementing the solution to ensure maximum benefits are obtained at the lowest possible cost, thereby increasing the return on investment to the energy user.

Coordinating the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives with energy procurement and demand response will produce the most beneficial results. Accordingly, Resource Energy Systems works together with its customers to prepare and implement an industry-leading plan that will encompass all of such features to provide substantial financial benefits.