Demand Response

fan_meterUtilities often struggle to meet peak or emergency demand levels that sometimes occur during extreme weather, so as an alternative to building more plant capacity, they’ve designed demand response programs to compensate large-volume users who are willing to curtail their consumption during these times, regardless of whether such curtailment is actually requested. Resource Energy Systems can help create these revenue streams by customizing a strategy and then managing your participation in these demand response programs.

Since different program offerings have different structures, Resource Energy Systems will provide all of the necessary guidance, including:

  • Interpreting and communicating the various options available to each property
  • Recommending the most appropriate program
  • Overseeing the registration of each property
  • Managing the communication for test runs and event calls
  • Reviewing historical performance to continually position the property to shed maximum load
  • Monitoring the payment schedule to ensure that your payments arrive when expected

Enrollment in a demand response program is a relatively simple way to implement a green initiative and generate an ancillary revenue stream with little to no effect on the daily operations of your properties. Furthermore, these programs can be applied to multiple properties across a given portfolio.