Case Studies

Real-Life Case Study 1:

mag_glassEnergy Procurement Strategy

When it comes to energy procurement, we help customers gain the most value from buying energy in deregulated markets. Recently, one of the nation’s largest investment firms sought out Resource Energy Systems to review the electricity supply products it had purchased for properties in its portfolio. We quickly learned that the investment firm had no overall plan with regard to the procurement of energy, resulting in unnecessary costs. Working with the portfolio managers, we created and implemented a comprehensive procurement process for the portfolio which led to lower costs, more budget certainty, and most important, greater risk management. In all, the firm realized approximately $1.5 million in annual savings compared to their prior arrangement.

Real-Life Case Study 2:


Utility Redistribution Done Right

We are committed to helping property owners find new revenue streams; it’s what we do best. When a large national shopping center owner needed to review the rates charged to tenants for utilities across its properties, it turned to the experts at Resource Energy Systems. After its review, we determined that the owner had several malls where the leases in place and applicable law allowed for owners to charge for electricity at a rate equal to what the local utility would have charged the tenant (often referred to as the “secondary rate”). Historically, the tenants had been charged a significantly lower rate. To ensure the landlord received the revenue it had been entitled to under the tenant leases, Resource Energy Systems computed the secondary rates and invoiced tenants based on their respective usage. As a result, we uncovered a significant amount in yearly recurring revenue for the landlord.